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KVK in News

Climate change programme
Womens day celebration
Rashmi Banuprakash
KVK activities
Ginger field day
Ginger field day
Plant protection in paddy
KVK Chitradurga visits KVK Kodagu and FPO
Fall army worm in Maize
Livestock dehorning
Webinar conducted at KVK along with JSS Suttur
Webinar conducted at KVK
Puthari outlet functioning during lockdown
Nursery grower training at KVK
Pepper advisory
Bordeaux mixture preparation
Bordeaux mixture preparation
High demand for mushrooms and mushroom culture in Kodagu
World water day program at KVK
Fall army worm
Experimental cabbage cultivation in Kodagu district
Poultry & fisheries program organised at KVK. Dr. CG Kushalappa urged farmers to take up agriculture
Grafting method technic helps improve the yield, explained during nursery training
Mushroom culture helped many farmers to build their lives during the pandemic
Nursery training program at KVK Gonikoppal
Start of Puthari FPO a boon for farmers of Kodagu District
Successful in growing cabbage in South Kodagu environment
Precaution measures to follow in black pepper, arecanut, paddy & ginger crops
Free vegetables for Covid care center at Lopamudra hospital
Free transportation facility for Covid care center at Lopamudra hospital
Damini lightning alert app
Rainfall alert for Kodagu district
Bordeaux mixture preparation
Krishi vigyana kendra boosts women
National Horticulture Fair 2021
CHES Chettali field day
Coffee in Coorg
26th January Celebration
Nursery training students
Nursery training field visit
Nursery training under ASCI
Nursery training students field visit
Success story of Rashmi Bhanuprakash on mushroom cultivation
Mushroom cultivation a sustainable life leading occupation
Nursery technique improvement training
Nursery raising through Grafting method is the best to improve on crop yield
Inauguration of skill India nursery training programme
Kodagu nature
Information on farm bills provided by KVK Gonikoppal
Farmers should start agri business as a start up venture
Farmers as an organization should take benifits from government schemes
Farmers efforts going in vain because of uncommon rains in January effecting coffee harvest
SAC meeting conducted at KVK Kodagu
Koleroga problem for Arecanut growers
webinar coducted by DAMU on the topic weather forecast
Ganesh Thimmaiah Jagjivan Ram Innovative Farmer Awardee 2019-20
National award received by Ganesh Thimmaiah in agriculture
Weather forecast information by DAMU  Kodagu
Paddy cultivation has picked up pace in the district
Paddy, black pepper, Arecanut and ginger crop management by KVK Gonikoppal
Measure to be taken in different crops
Scientific Bordeaux mixture preparation
Hope of good black pepper spike
Scientific Bordeaux mixture preparation
Use on AMC in Black pepper
Use on AMC in Black pepper_Kannada prabha 20th May
Precautionary farm activities for crops
Selling of butter fruit from farmer to consumer
Diaognostic Field vist on shorthorn grasshopper infected on coffee
PFPO selling vegetable at lower price to consumers
Finally the day has come for the farmers
vegetable sales at low price at KVK
FPO selling vegetables at low price
marketing interventions during COVID crisis
40% deficiency in rainfall in Kodagu
Sale of vegetables at less price from Puthari FPO
Puthari FPO
Use of Dolomite
Use of AMC
Scientific methods for all crops
Single node method of nursery preparation in Black pepper
Termites and their management
Spine gourds and avocado fair
weather advisory
sommya felicitation
training programme on pepper
PM live telecast
KVK support to farmers
Success story of coffee based mixed cropping system
Attracting Youth Towards Hortipreneurship conducted at KVK Gonikoppal
DAESI second batch Graduation day
NADCP and National Artificial insemination
High Yielding Blast Resitance Paddy variety KPR-1
Weather forecast at KVK Gonikoppal
Along with horticulture crops vegetables being sold at low price
Along with horticulture crops vegetables being sold at low price