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Arka Microbial Consortium lab

Arka Microbial Consortium is a carrier based product which contains N fixing, P & Zn solubilizing and plant growth promoting microbes as a single formulation. The novelty of this technology is that farmers need not apply N fixing, phosphorous solubilizing and growth promoting bacterial inoculants individually. It can be conveniently, applied either through seed, soil, water and nursery media like coco-peat. This technology considerably reduces the cost of cultivation, besides the synergistic effects of the formulated microbes can help in sustainable production in Horticultural crops. Based on this ICAR-KVK, Gonikoppal started production of AMC and distributed to the farming community at reasonable rate. This will help the overall growth promotion of horticultural crops. 19 tonnes of AMC has been produced and sold to 12,760 planters at the District.

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